Ed Sarfo : Trusted Real Estate Agent

Ed Sarfo is a trusted real estate principal broker living and working in Lexington, Kentucky. Sarfo grew up in Ghana, where he studied at an American Baptist Missionary high school and yearned to put his studies of business and communications to use in the United States. Today, he helps people find their dream houses in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky. Sarfo earned his real estate license in 2004 in Lexington, where he quickly tried to immerse himself in the local culture and gain knowledge of all of the properties throughout the area. Ed Sarfo didn’t find success immediately. As an outsider, he had to ingratiate himself within the community to help people trust him to find the best properties at the best prices for all of his clients. Over time, he built a following of trusted business contacts and clients throughout the community. It wasn’t easy—Sarfo had to work long hours and spend many nights up working to satisfy his clients—but he created a large enough network he could use to sell property.

Ed Sarfo became a licensed real estate broker in 2007, three years after receiving his real estate license. This process was a long time coming for Sarfo. He worked hard to obtain the career connections needed to pursue a broker’s license. Sarfo came into his own with the broker’s license. 2007 was one of his banner years as a real estate broker. Then the real estate collapse of 2008 hit Lexington, and he, together with many other brokers and agents in the area, felt its effects. He persevered, however, and found himself more success on the other side of the collapse. He survived because of his personal relationships with real estate professionals and clients in the area who knew his skills and trustworthiness.

Ed Sarfo Real Estate AgentToday, Ed Sarfo continues to create new professional and personal relationships with his clients. He has always helped them find their perfect properties for the right prices, and continues to reap the benefits of his business practices. Sarfo always keeps his clients in the loop and remains in constant contact with them as they peruse the marketplace that, in some places, is still in recovery. Sarfo hopes that he, and other Realtors like him can help the people of Lexington get fair value for their homes and help people find their perfect home in Lexington. Sarfo loves his life and his work in Lexington.

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About Ed Sarfo

Ed Sarfo is passionate about getting his clients the best real estate deals. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and has been an accredited real estate agent since 2004, and a broker since 2007. His company currently has five agents working for it, all as dedicated as he is to helping clients make the best decisions they can in the real estate market.
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