Ed Sarfo – Working as a Real Estate Agent Finding Help Before You Need it

Half of any real estate agent’s job is networking and finding people that can help them before they need it. Creating this community is a great way to get started as a real estate agent in any locale. There are many local, state, and national real estate agent organizations where you can meet others in your area who can help you when you need it. Many real estate agents complain that they never make many sales when they attend organizational meetings of other real estate agents and prospects throughout the community. Building a network is all about creating the right connections with people. This work doesn’t always produce immediate returns, but it can help set up a support system you can use in the future. Think about the community you’re creating by participating in real estate organizations. A supportive community will pay dividends many times over in the long run.

Ed Sarfo Real EstateNot only should you join professional real estate agent organizations, you should also participate at a high level so that you can build the relationships you need to get in touch with prospects, find more leads, and gather information about certain areas and properties in your community. The more information you can gather, the better prepared you’ll be for your clients.

Ed Sarfo Broker
Ed Sarfo is a successful real estate principal broker based in Lexington, Kentucky. He has helped many people in his community find their perfect properties throughout his long career. Sarfo is a member of the Million Dollar Club, and is in good standing with the National Association of Realtors, the Kentucky Association of Realtors, and several other professional associations.

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About Ed Sarfo

Ed Sarfo is passionate about getting his clients the best real estate deals. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and has been an accredited real estate agent since 2004, and a broker since 2007. His company currently has five agents working for it, all as dedicated as he is to helping clients make the best decisions they can in the real estate market.
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