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The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is an organization that represents over one million residential and commercial realtors such as, Ed Sarfo, a broker from Lexington, Kentucky. Members of the organization are those who participate in the real estate industry on varying levels including counselors, appraisers, property managers, those who work in real estate related sales, agents, and brokers. Each member also belongs to at least one of more than roughly 1,300 associations that are based locally and 54 state/territory associations of realtors.

Being a member of NAR provides clients with the peace of mind that they are working with an individual who meets the requirements and adheres to the ethics of NAR. Becoming a member is simple and well worth the investment. Membership offers those in the real estate industry a place to come together to further develop their professional careers, network, research, and stay up to date on the latest in the industry. Those interesting in joining NAR must first find and join a local association of REALTORS. This membership automatically extends a membership to the National Association as well. This membership on a local level provides added support for members who can work with those in the area and collaborate on issues or opportunities that may present themselves in a particular community.

As the world’s largest professional association, the National Association of Realtors the dues received from members helps to further initiatives and deepen the value of membership as a whole. Members receive many incredible benefits for themselves and their businesses including education, research, tools, special discounts, and the overwhelming support of over one million fellow professionals in the field. The funds collected help NAR advocate on your behalf for issues that affect those in the real estate industry, conduct market, and economic research, support members on both the state and local levels, and provide marketing and awareness to the public in order to uphold the value of membership to those who would otherwise be unaware. NAR also plays an active role in helping those in the real estate industry better understand the industry and individual goals and find ways to improve their businesses.

Many real estate business owners appreciate the work of NAR and are able to attribute some level of growth and success to the organization’s namesake and efforts. Ed Sarfo, Broker, and owner of Commonwealth Real Estate Professionals is a proud member of the organization. He has been in the industry for over a decade and continues to see great success and growth within his company. NAR wishes to play a key role in the success of companies such as Commonwealth and is a cornerstone of the real estate industry throughout the United States.


About Ed Sarfo

Ed Sarfo is passionate about getting his clients the best real estate deals. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and has been an accredited real estate agent since 2004, and a broker since 2007. His company currently has five agents working for it, all as dedicated as he is to helping clients make the best decisions they can in the real estate market.
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